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Together Technology is a Bendigo based business specializing in Technology Support and Innovation.

We are built on a 'People First' Strategy, and are always looking to make our clients lives easier. Our background is small town and country, and we bring a comfortable, casual but professional attitude to our services.

We Provide

These are some, but not all of the services we provide.
If you're not sure if we provide what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to ask.

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Technical Support

Our original and still pervasive specialty, we provide comprehensive hardware and software support for all computers, tablets and other technology devices.

Ongoing Care

Coming Soon, TogetherCare will provide ongoing support and services at an affordable price.

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Web Design

We pride ourselves on providing fast, clean web design in an affordable package.

NBN Support and Install

One of our specialties, we support clients through the process of signing up for and transitioning to the NBN in both Home and Business Environments.

Password Reset and Clearing

We provide a fast easy password reset service for both Mac and PC computers.

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Transition Support

We assist in the process of moving from one device to another, retaining data and copying files


Total Technical Innovation and Support

Technology is pervasive and a part of everyday life. Together Technology is there to help you make the best of that technology, and integrate it into your lifestyle.

Here are the reasons we hope you'll love us


For Locals By Locals

Based in Bendigo, but with connections from the Mallee to the Golburn Valley, we live and spend time in these regions, and understand your needs.

National Grade Service

Despite being small, we're partnered with major suppliers to deliver the high quality services and products you expect and need.


No Sales Tactics

Most companies care only about the sale, and this hurts their customers. We believe our services stand on their own merits, and that we don't need to actively upsell.


Consistent Support Staff

We are a small company and our people are all local, when you deal with our technical teams, you're dealing with the same person each time.

We're with you from day one

Our Service is based around the idea that to do something well, you need to do it right the first time.
Our staff ensure that when we do things we get it right, and that no followup visit is needed.


We Listen

Our Customers are important to us and we want to do our absolute best to provide for peoples needs. Your feedback is key for that, and everything you want to let us know will be heard.