Together Networks is departing the NDIS due to new regulations making it financially unfeasible to remain registered.

We're sorry to do this but unfortunately we cannot remain registered.

At the beginning of the financial year, we were contacted by the NDIA, and informed that in order to remain registered with the NDIS, we would need to undertake an audit of our processes, at our own expense.
We were willing to undertake these audits, however, when we looked into the costs of doing so, it became apparent that we would have to bankrupt ourselves in order to meet the requirements.

As such, we are voluntarily terminating our registration.

We have already made arrangements in person with all our affected clients, and have made sure no-one is left without supports going forward.

We can and will still happily provide services to Plan Managed (Non-NDIA) and Self Managed clients, as these only require an ABN and do not have the costly auditing requirements in order to provide.

We apologize for this move, we were excited to offer our services to all people who needed it, but the policy of the NDIS and NDIA have made it impossible to remain a part of their system.

If anyone has concerns about this, please use our contact methods to get in touch.


David Crisp

Founder and Lead Technician at Together Networks